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Notice of Annual Meeting of the Membership

Pursuant to Civil Code Section 5115(b), Notice is hereby given at least thirty (30) days before the ballots are to be distributed, that the annual meeting of the members of One Rincon Hill Tower II Association will be held:

MEETING DATE:          Thursday, June 27, 2024, at 5:00 p.m.

LOCATION:                 The Harrison Management Office, 401 Harrison, San Francisco, CA 94105 and via Zoom.

                                    Zoom link: https://actionlife.zoom.us/j/8512171794pwd=OEJpbjQ5R3RLWFRKTEpOYWxIMmlDdz09&omn=97852782678

                                    Audio: +1 480-562-4901

                                    Meeting ID: 851 217 1794

                                    Password: 401

At the meeting, there will be a vote of the membership, via secret ballot, to elect directors to the Board of Director and to determine the allocation of any excess operating funds at the end of the current fiscal year.  The Ballot may be sent or hand delivered to the Inspector(s) of Election c/ The Harrison Management Office, 401 Harrison St, San Francisco, CA.  All ballots must be received by June 26, 2024,otherwise ballots may be hand delivered to the meeting, or any adjournment thereof, prior to the close of polls.

The candidates are: 

            Masoud Bassiri

            Anand Jagannathan

            Michael Ahiakpor

IT IS IMPORTANT that you either attend the Annual Meeting or return your Ballot since a quorum (51% of the voting power of the members) must be present either in person or represented by secret ballot to conduct the annual meeting.  (Bylaws, Article 3, Section 9)

If quorum is achieved and Directors are elected, there will be an Organizational Meeting of the Board of Directors immediately following the Annual Meeting to appoint officers. 


Board of Directors

One Rincon Hill Tower II Association

Uncle Harry's Reservations

Uncle Harry’s, located on the 49th floor of The Harrison, offers residents stunning views, a full kitchen available for catering, private dining, and a large bar. Residents may elect to pay to reserve Uncle Harry’s for personal use consistent with the Uncle Harry’s License Agreement. The space can be reserved in three different options (there is a 4 hour minimum): Uncle Harry’s Entire Space, Dining/Parlor, or the Speakeasy. For more information, please contact Tony Smith, Resident Lifestyle Service Coordinator: tonysmith@actionlife.com

Loading Dock and Service Elevator

Are you expecting a large delivery such as a mattress our couch, or need to plan your move in/move out?

Please contact us at: theharrison@actionlife.com .

Please note the hours available for a loading dock/service elevator reservation are Mon-Sat 8am-5pm and closed daily between 12pm-1pm due to routine janitorial maintenance. For every loading dock reservation you must submit the Certificate of Insurance from the vendor. Should the delivery take more than one trip or if you plan to move in/out, you must submit a $300 payment (owners can have this applied to their ledger, and renters must submit a check made payable to “One Rincon Hill Tower II Association.”